Global Agriculture

Breeding a better peanut butter


Peanuts are big – big business that is.

Soils retain and contain radioactivity in Fukushima


Radiation suddenly contaminates the land your family has farmed and lived on for generations. Can soil play a role in protecting crops and human health?

Bringing new food to the table by cultivating a native plant


Climate change, marked by more pronounced weather extremes, has prompted searches for new food crops.

Why farmers may, or may not, adopt nitrogen-efficient technologies


When nitrogen finds its way from agricultural fields into water bodies and the atmosphere, it doesn't just degrade water quality and contribute to climate change.

Understanding the fate of nitrate in perennial filter strips


Runoff from agricultural fields contains nutrients that can adversely affect surface water quality, human health, and aquatic life.

Czech researchers create comprehensive model to evaluate soil degradation


Soil is strong yet fragile, reliable yet unstable, and resilient yet susceptible to change.

New book emphasizes ag modeling's practical side


Even for seasoned agricultural and soil scientists, the concept of modeling can be foreign.

Pest-resistant maize and its potential health benefits


There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that your carefully stored corn harvest has been gnawed apart by insects.

Conservation ag may not reap hoped for global yield gains


No-tillage is lauded as a key sustainable farming practice around the world, and indeed it is.

Feeding the World: Profile of a World Food Prize Winner


It has been said that plant breeding is both a science and an art.