CSSA Divisions

C0l - Crop Breeding and Genetics
Discovery, maintenance, and modification of germplasm, biometrical and biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, crop evolution, morphology, and related studies.

C02 - Crop Physiology and Metabolism
Plant physiology, pathology, mineral uptake and nutrition, photosynthesis, translocation, source-sink relations, and plant responses to the environment.

C03 - Crop Ecology, Management & Quality
Establishment, management, and environmental biology of species and systems of mixtures used for field crops, forages, and grazing lands.

C04 - Seed Physiology, Production, & Technology
Seed development, maturation, germination, and metabolism; preparation of useful plant types through foundation, registered, and certified seed; preservation of viability.

C05 - Turfgrass Science
Development, evaluation, establishment, and maintenance of turfgrass for multiple uses.

C06 - Forage & Grazinglands
Conservation and utilization in grazing systems, forage and grazing utilization, forage nutrition value and management, forage and grazing interactions with the environment, forage growth and development.

C07 - Genomics, Molecular Genetics, and Biotechnology
Focuses upon investigations of structural and functional genomics; mapping and cloning of genes controlling economically important plant traits; molecular breeding technology; gene structure, expression and function; plant cell and tissue culture; development and use of transgenic crops and microrganisms.

C08 - Plant Genetic Resources
Programs associated with conservation, use, distribution, accessibility, documentation, ownership, and intellectual property rights issues of plant genetic resources.

C09 - Biomedical, Health-Beneficial, and Nutritionally Enhanced Plants
Focuses on plants as food or feed, and on the development and evaluation of novel characteristics and compositional quality traits in crops that are important to the health, well being, and nutritional requirements of humans.