Crop Ecology, Management and Quality

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Division C03 "Crop Ecology, Management, and Quality" of the Crop Sciences Society of America focuses on the establishment, management and environmental biology of plant species and systems used for field crops, forages and grazing lands.
Members of the C03 Division are interested in the interaction between plants, plant systems and the environment and their  the production of food, feed and fiber. The C03 Division welcomes students and hosts a graduate student poster contest each year. See below for guidelines and previous winners.
General Statement about Divisions: CSSA offers specialized Divisions of Interest, giving you the opportunity to develop focused peer networks and information resources. Via the divisions, members present papers at the Annual Meetings and participate in the business meetings. The divisions may also host listservs, web pages and newsletters. As a division member, you can also guide the division direction by participating in elections and serving through leadership opportunities. As a CSSA member, you may belong to as many CSSA Divisions of Interest as you would like.


C03 Student Poster Competition

The Graduate Student Poster Contest for Division C-3 (Crop Ecology and Management) at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting offers students opportunities to increase their visibility within the Society, to be honored by Division C-3 representatives for particularly exemplary posters, and to receive expanded professional interaction plus formal feedback from judges on their posters. The top 3 students of the contest will be recognized with a cash award, which will be presented during the Division C-3 Business Meeting, to honor their achievement. If enought students compete, then awards will be given to the top 3 Ph.D. candidates and the top 3 Master's students.


Guidelines for 2016 Poster Contest:

The Graduate Student Poster Contest for Division C-3 (Crop Ecology, Management & Quality) at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ offers students opportunities to increase their visibility within the Society, to be honored by Division C-3 representatives for particularly exemplary posters, and to receive expanded professional interaction plus formal feedback from judges on their posters. The top 3 MS students and the top 3 PhD students in the contest will be recognized during the Division C-3 Business Meeting to honor their achievement. Cash awards will be mailed soon after the meetings conclude.

Graduate students are required to formally enter the competition when submitting their abstract (initial submission due June 7; finalized abstract edits for print due Aug 25). The student must be the lead author of the contest entry. Graduate student contestants do not need to be members of the Crop Science Society of America to participate, but at least one of the co-authors must be a CSSA member. Information presented in the Division C-3 Graduate Student Poster Contest is to be original and unique. If a topic has been used by the author in another presentation at previous scientific meetings, or in a prior publication, additional data must be included to constitute a unique presentation.  All posters will be half size (44.5” x 44.5”).

Since abstracts are submitted separately, and will be forwarded to judges prior to the meeting, abstracts are not required to be printed on the poster in order to save space for greater detail in other sections.  Reference citations should be included where appropriate, especially to defend or refute results previously seen in literature (not necessary to create a full literature review in the Introduction section).

The following criteria and point allocation will be used by judges to evaluate the posters:


Poster Content





An informative abstract that is concise, and calls attention to all relevant subject matter in the paper/presentation



Content, clarity, format, and grammar, significance/importance of research

Project Development


Rationale, objectives, organization, methods, and application to crop management and ecology

Project Results


Balance in quantity and quality of information presented in support of the study’s objectives, capability for rapid viewer absorption of essential results, and accompanying grammar and style



Engaging title, attractive layout, legible font size for all text, well-designed tables and figures, clear and relevant photographs, and logical progression

Physical Presence and Oration


Interaction and mannerisms with poster viewers and judges including volume, confidence, enthusiasm, enunciation, and response to questions


We hope that the student posters in the Division C-3 Graduate Student Poster Contest will set the standard for communication and content excellence at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting.  Do your part to prepare an exceptional abstract and poster for this year’s meeting.


2015 Annual Meetings

Winners from the 2015 meeting in Minneapolis, MN were:

M.S. competition:

1st place - Alison Vogel, Univ. of Illinois
2nd place - Baylee Showalter, Kansas State Univ.
3rd place - Lauren Woloohojian, Texas A&M Univ.

Other Finalists - Ilse Barrios Perez (Univ. of Illinois), Chad Abbott (Miss. State Univ.), Brad Bernhard (Univ. of Illinois)


Ph.D. competition:

1st place - Reagan Noland, Univ. of Minnesota
2nd place - Adam Gaspar, Univ. of Wisconsin
3rd place - Rodrigo Werle, Univ. of Nebraska

Other Finalists - Martha Zwonitzer (Texas A&M Univ.), Eric Obeng (Kansas State Univ.), Samadangla Ao (Univ. of Minnesota)

Judges included: 

Bhupinder Farmaha Univ. of Nebraska
Paul Carter DuPont Pioneer
Romulo Lollato Kansas State
Walt Riedell USDA-ARS, Brookings SD
Ignacio Ciampitti Kansas State
Josh Lofton Oklahoma State
Alex Barreiro Climate Corp.
Chris Boomsma Purdue Univ.
Gautam Pradhan North Dakota State Univ
Sruthi Narayana Clemson Univ.
Drew Lyon Washington State Univ
Cody Creech Univ. of Nebraska
Ron Heiniger North Carolina State Univ
Emad Jahanzad Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
John Orlowski Mississippi State Univ. - Delta REC
Ajay Nair Iowa State Univ.
Alex Rocateli Oklahoma State
Patricio Grassini Univ of Nebraska
Jeff Edwards Oklahoma State
Jason Sarver Mississippi State Univ. 
Valentin Picasso-Risso Univ. of Wisconsin


Organizer and Presider of Graduate Student Competitions:  R. Scott Tubbs - Univ. of Georgia


Division Annual Business Meeting Minutes

The C03 Sessions are linked here.

View the C3 Crop Ecology, Management and Quality Division Officers


Previous Graduate Student Competition Poster Contest Award Winners:


Winners from the 2014 meeting in Long Beach, CA were:

M.S. competition:

1st place - Giovana Cruppe, Oklahoma State Univ.
2nd place - Matti Kuykendall, Kansas State Univ.
3rd place - Michael Plumblee, Univ. of Georgia

Other Finalists - Grace Bluck (The Ohio State Univ), Amanda de Oliveira Silva (Purdue Univ.), Gary Gregg (Univ. of Kentucky)


Ph.D. competition:

1st place - Romulo Lollato, Oklahoma State Univ.
2nd place - Adam Gaspar, Univ. of Wisconsin
3rd place - Marie Bourguignon, Iowa State Univ.

Other Finalist - Joshua Vonk (Univ. of Illinois)


Winners from the 2013 meeting in Tampa, FL were:

M.S. competition:

1st place - Adam Gaspar, Univ. of Wisconsin
2nd place - Martin Battaglia, Univ. of Kentucky
3rd place - Bryson Haverkamp, Kansas State Univ.

Other Finalists - Giovana Cruppe (Oklahoma State Univ), Jason Clark (Utah State Univ.), Andi Shore (Kansas State Univ.)


Ph.D. competition:

1st place - Alexandre Barreiro, Oklahoma State Univ.
2nd place - Alex Lindsey, The Ohio State Univ.
3rd place - Catherine Simpson, Texas A&M Univ.

Other Finalists - Ross Bender (Univ. of Illinois), Joseph Oakes (NC State Univ.), Amir Sadeghpour (Univ. of Massachusetts)


Winners from the 2012 meeting in Cincinnati, OH were:

MS Candidates:
1st Place: Kim Larson, Kansas State University, Dept. of Agronomy
2nd Place: Romulo Lollato, Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences
3rd Place: Samantha Ambrose, Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences

PhD Candidates
1st Place: Ross Bender, University of Illinois, Dept. of Crop Sciences
2nd Place: Ryan Van Roekel, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
3rd Place: Ping Huang, Auburn University


Winners from the 2011 meeting in San Antonio, TX were: 

Ph.D. Candidates
1st Dylan Wann – Texas Tech University - Tillage Effects On Cover Crop Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling In Cotton
2nd Jason Sarver – University of Georgia - Evaluation of Seeding Rates for Large-Seeded Runner Peanut Cultivars Planted In Twin Row Pattern
3rd Jason Haegele – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Identifying High Yield Potential Corn Hybrids Through the Use of Nitrogen and Plant Density Response Trials

Master's Students
1st Justin Moss – University of Georgia - Economic and Weed Control Assessment of Double-Crop and Relay-Intercropping Systems of Peanut with Wheat
2nd Trevor Perkins – Purdue University - Delayed Soybean Emergence: Competition or Compensation?
3rd Romulo Lollato – Oklahoma State University - Agronomic Responses of Hard Red Winter Wheat to Different Liming and Phosphorus Fertilizer Strategies in Acid Soils


Winners from the 2010 meeting in Long Beach, CA were: (pdf file)

1st PlaceAlexandre Barreiro, Oklahoma State University - Selecting Soybean Planting Date and  Maturity Group for Oklahoma.
2nd Place-Landon Ries, University of Minnesota - Plant Population and Latitude Effects on Cumulative Light Interception and Yield In Soybean.
3rd Place-Brian Beress, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Integrating the Building Blocks of Agronomy Into An IPM Strategy for Wheat Stem Sawfly.

Winners from the 2009 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA were:

1st place - Catherine Swobada, Iowa State University Effect of planting date on sudden death syndrome symptom severity in Iowa
2nd place - Vladimir da Costa, Texas A&M University Drought effeects on physiological traits of 1-CP treated cotton plants
3rd place - Alicia kiszanos, Iowa State University Effects of tillage and plant distribution on soybean ight interception and yield

Winners from the 2008 meeting in Houston, TX were:

1st place - $300. 1-Methylcyclopropene influence on cotton fruit set. Vladimir Costa, Texas A&M
2nd place - $200 Effect of thiamethoxam on early growth of soybeans under differing water regimes. Joseph Osenga, Iowa State University
3rd place - $100 Evaluating corn based prediction tools to identify adequacy of soil residual nitrate for wheat establishment in the Mid-Atlantic. Patrick Forrestal, University of Maryland